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Recommended Audiology Resources

If your child has been diagnosed with a hearing loss, please explore the below resources. Simply click the title that interests you to see a list of organizations, their contact information and any additional details on how they can benefit your child and your family.

Atlanta Area School for the Deaf
Phone: (404) 296-7101

Atlanta Speech School

Phone: (404) 233-5332

The Auditory-Verbal Center of Atlanta

Phone: (404) 815-4321

Babies Can’t Wait and Children First

Phone: (404) 657-2850 or (404) 656-6679
*use to obtain contact information for your county coordinator.

GA Hands and Voices

GA Pines
Phone: (
404) 298-4882

GA Pathway to Language and Literacy

Georgia’s Resource Guide for Families of Children With Hearing Loss
Download info here.

American Academy of Audiology
Phone: 1-800-AAA-2336


ASHA (American Speech Language and Hearing Association)


Auditory-Verbal International(AVI)


National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management

Advanced Bionics (Cochlear Implant Device)


Cochlear Corporation (Cochlear Implant Device)





AG Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing


Beginnings for Parents of Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing


Boys Town National Hospital


Center for Disease Control and Prevention


GA Pathway to Language and Literacy


Gallaudet University National Deaf Education Network and Clearinghouse


Hands & Voices


Hearing Loss Education Center


Mayo Clinic


National Cued Speech Association


National Institute on Deafness and Other Communicative Disorders


National Institutes of Health


Oberkotter Foundation


Online Mendelian Inheritance in Men
*to obtain information regarding genetic disorders and/or syndromes


Option Schools, Inc.


Supporting Success for Kids with Hearing Loss


The Governor Council on Developmental Disabilities

Provides funding on a matching basis for family members so they may attend educational programs or seminars. Recipients must be Georgia residents and are limited to receiving one grant per year. They will reimburse registration costs, travel, food and lodging after the event.


The John Tracy Clinic

Free services to hearing impaired children to age 5. They send lessons and videotapes by mail, and you report back to them by mail or internet. The international summer program is a three-week program free of charge with preschool camp, sibling camp, and intensive parent program.


The Listening Room

It’s a Noisy Planet: Protect Their Hearing, NIDCD, National Institutes of Health

Listen to your Buds, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Turn it to the Left, American Academy of Audiology

Setting Language In Motion, The Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center and Boston Children’s Hospital

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